About Jhu


Welcome to Journals by Jhu!
You have just stumbled upon a great blog, and I hope that you enjoy reading and/or watching my media!

This page is for you to get to know me, the person behind the screen! Who am I?

Instead of trying to summarize my life in one blog post, I’ve written ten facts that cover all of the important details.

  1. My name is Ayanna James
  2. I am an Early Childhood Education major in college
  3. I work for an amazing Early Childhood Educational facility
  4. My favorite RPG simulation game series is Animal Crossings
  5. My favorite action RPG game is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  6. I write stories, plays, songs, music (to be played), and journals
  7. I am an active writer on Vocal, and make new stories every month
  8. I can play many different instruments
  9. I am an advocate for education, LGBTQ+, suicide prevention, and mental health awareness
  10. I am Pansexual, and am in a committed relationship with a Transgender man. That being said, do not follow my blog or go any further into reading my blog if you are going to have a problem with my or my partner’s sexual orientation.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact me via email or social media! I respond within 24 hours!