2019 Brings New Changes

Hi friends. Happy New Year! I have huge, and potentially upsetting news to start off 2019.

Pretty much everyone is aware of WordPress changing some things about payments. Apparently, starting in 2019, you have to pay for both your WordPress plan, AND your domain.

I didn’t think anything about it until I got the email saying my payment for BOTH parts of JbJ did not go through. And I really am not for using more money to receive the same services I always have.

Guys, I think my time on WordPress is coming to a close. For real this time. So as one of my last posts, I am reaching out to tell you about my next project on Instagram. “Journals by Jhu” is now becoming “Lifestyle with Jhu.”

I will be using Instagram TV as a way to “blog” on weekends. And during all of the other days, I will be uploading photography and pictures/videos of my life and adventures. I will be doing, on Instagram, the same thing that I’ve always done on WordPress…it’ll just be through vlogs.

I hope that you guys decide to follow me on Instagram, I’ve left the link to my account below! There are still 30 days until the closing of JbJ, so let’s use them wisely! More updates on everything to come! Thanks for reading, and I’ll talk to y’all soon.


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