Kickstarted – Part 2

Happy Fridaaaaay!

Last week, I posted a blog explaining the opportunity I received to kickstart my childcare career. I also told you guys that I was waiting to do my interview last Saturday.

Here is a recap of what I shared with y’all last week:

*from October 25* “On Monday, October 22, I put up my nanny and housekeeper inquiry information on! This is a huge step in building my own childcare service. In fact, this is the most important step, which is initially offering my services to the community.” And then I went into sharing that a family had contacted me within a few hours of me building my profile, and they wanted to interview me on Saturday, October 27.

Well, I interviewed. And it went super well. I was almost shocked at how productive our 20 minute interview was. When I first arrived at our meeting location (just a Starbucks), I was nervous because they were already inside, interviewing ANOTHER person. Guys, I have extremely low self-confidence, especially when I feel like I’m in competition with someone for something I truly want.

I walked inside the Starbucks to get a drink, then I went outside to wait on the family to come and get me. Our interview was scheduled for 5, but out of ambition, I showed up at 4:30. At around 4:57, the husband approached me with his hand forward, and a big smile on his face. I immediately knew everything would be okay.

The family was super sweet, especially their child! I felt like I was able to relax completely, and really get to know them. They did not ask a bunch of hard questions about my qualifications, they did not patronize my skill, and they definitely did not make me feel useless. What they did ask was in regards to:

  • My available time on desired days and evenings (Tuesday’s, and Saturday’s)
  • How comfortable I am caring for children, and performing housekeeping duties
  • How much experience I have working with certain age-groups
  • A little more knowledge about myself and my family

And lastly, they asked if I had any questions for them or about their child. After our interview was over, they asked me to send them a couple of references that they could contact (another easy-peasy thing to do).

So, one thing about this family is that they are GREAT communicators. They informed me of when they made calls to my references, and when the references replied. I was in the loop the entire weekend.

Then Monday came. I was sitting at home, with Cai, when I received the text that said they were ready to hire me! Guys, I GOT THE NANNY JOB! We went over logistics that night, and set my first “shift” for Saturday, November 3rd.

SURPRISE! I start this gig tomorrow, which means there is still more to this story! I will be sharing my experience of nannying for the first time with y’all this weekend! Not to mention, it’s homecoming at my University! I plan attending the football game, also on Saturday, and some after-parties that night (hopefully šŸ˜¬).

Keep in mind, this is the first homecoming that I have ever been able to participate in, as a student. I have always been in the homecoming events with the marching band, which meant all of my spare time was taken up by rehearsal. I am really excited to be free this year, and even more excited to share my experiences with y’all. I’ll talk to y’all soon.

Jhu šŸ

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