The Experience at Candlewood

Happy Wednesday, my friends!

Sorry for the empty week, but currently, I’m on Fall Break at my University. Even more awesome than that, Cai and I will be celebrating 3 years in 1 day. We decided that this should be the first year that we celebrate both Fall Break and our upcoming anniversary. So we did by taking a private road trip for the weekend.

We didn’t intend to do a lot. We only had plans to hang out in a comfortable hotel, and go shopping a little bit. But that turned into so much more.

Today, I am telling you guys about the Candlewood Suites situation.

We arrived in Charlotte on Saturday afternoon, around 4pm. The hotel that we originally planned to stay with, Candlewood Suites at University, basically lost our reservation. What made the situation bad was that we had already booked the room in early September with a NON-REFUNDABLE PAYMENT! We were taking advantage of the “Endless Summer” deal.

The Candlewood employee and manager tried to tell us that we were wrong. They kepy saying that they didn’t take our money, even though I had the confirmation of payment, and booking right in their faces. The manager barely understood his own hotel’s specials, while the employee was very rude and condescending.

On top of that, they were going to charge us about $50 extra to pay for our room. Our original price was $147, which quickly turned into $195, NOT including our pet fee.

After a lot of fussing and tireless explaining, we told them to cancel the room, and called the Candlewood headquarters. We are being issued a refund as we speak. The people at that particular Candlewood are being reprimanded as well.

Cai and I ended up booking a room at our regular hotel (which we should have done from the start), and were way more satisfied than we could have asked for.

Other than that headache, the rest of our vacation went by without a problem. We went to visit my parents, and were able to stock up on things we need around the apartment. My mother also gave Cai and I the idea to travel an hour to see my family in South Carolina, so that’s how we spent our Sunday. When we returned home on Monday, we spent the rest of the day relaxing.

My point in telling this story is not to bash Candlewood Suites, nor to try to persuade you guys not to stay with the IHG company. However, I do think it is important that I share this experience with you guys about this particular hotel location. I want y’all to stay safe, and aware of your money. Do not let people,who cannot see your money, dictate you what you know about your money.

Until the next read,

Jhu ✨

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