Rearranging Honey’s Pen

Hey guys!

Yesterday, I created a different, safer look for Honey’s pen. I’ve been wanting, for weeks, to put some kind of “rug” or “protective sheet” under her to play on. I’ve also been wanting to put a barrier around her pen to prevent it from moving, since she likes the feeling of the panels on her skin.

A big thing that I’ve learned with having a puppy is that you have to work around issues, instead of completely removing them. And we can’t remove Honey’s pen just because she likes it. The space that she covers is well lit, comfortable, spacious, and cool. I expect her to explore the area around her.

So, I rearranged her cage into an irregular, but functional shape. It took me a while to find a shape that would not interfere with movement around the living room; at least 15 minutes.

Once I found the pen’s shape, I laid out an old sheet under it to cover the floor. Then to barricade the shape, I knotted the ends of the same sheet through each panel loop, just like in the pictures above.

After doing that, not only was Honey excited to explore her new flooring and pen design, but she also was unable to move the pen. Yes!

What I enjoyed about this project was the creativity that I was able to demonstrate in my work. I also loved seeing the anticipation and excitement on Honey’s face as I completely distorted her pen. This project was a great way to “kill two birds with one stone.”

If you guys would like to talk to me more about creating your own “barricade carpet” for your pet’s cage, feel free to email me! Contact info is under the “contact” tab on my blogsite!

More announcements coming later, but for now, I will talk to you guys soon! Love y’all, love the support, love this community! Thanks for reading, enjoy your Sunday!


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