Finally Autumn!

Happy Fall from Journals by Jhu!

Here are some fun anticipations of the season!

  • Halloween: Truly the most “sweet” of all holidays. I am going to plenty of costume parties this year. I also plan to pass out candy to the local children in my neighborhood. What about you? Do you celebrate this spooky holiday?

  • Hayrides: Who doesn’t love going to a farm or carnival, and participating in a hayride? This is one of Cai’s favorite activities!

  • Decorating pumpkins: This will be my first year doing this with Cai. I have always wanted to decorate pumpkins, but never wanted to deal with the mess. I can’t wait to show you guys how horrible it will look lol!

  • Holiday cleaning and decorating: Cai and I are extra pumped to finally be able to decorate for every holiday, the way that we want. Halloween decorations go up on October 15th or 16th. Thanksgiving decorations will make their way into the home around early November, and Christmas decorations go up after Black Friday.

  • Limited edition alcoholic beverages: The first year that both Cai and I are able to participate in buying seasonal alcohol! Woo, it feels good to finally be 21!

  • Finally, the last anticipation of this season. FALL WEATHER! I cannot wait to pull out my warm sweaters, jackets, boots, and long-sleeve shirts! Cool weather is the best weather, in my opinion!

What are some things that you guys are looking forward to this Fall? Let me know; Cai and I are always looking for new things to try during this season.

I am super excited to see what the rest of 2018 will hold for Journals by Jhu, and I hope that you guys will continue to be blessed and safe during this time! I will talk to y’all soon, thanks for reading!

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