My Daily Workout

Hey guys!

It’s super important to keep your body fit and active. Duh, right? Well, it’s even more significant to establish a consistent exercise routine and schedule.

For a lot of people, myself included, staying consistent with fitness is pretty challenging. You’ll hear me say a lot that it takes about 25 days to build a habit. Anybody up for taking that step?

Let’s start with determining the location of your workouts. For me, I go to the gym at my apartment complex, or the fitness center at school.

Next, determine the time that you are able to put into this habit. My workouts are no more than an hour long, but also no less than 30 minutes. I also give myself windows of time for my workouts, so that I’m never rushing. Always be fair with your gym time, it’ll only benefit you. If y’all need an example, here is my schedule:

  • Sunday: 1-6pm
  • Monday: None
  • Tuesday: 6-8pm
  • Wednesday: 6-8pm
  • Thursday: 6-8pm
  • Friday: 6-8pm
  • Saturday: 11am-7pm

After making a schedule, you want to get everything you need before going to the gym. I always try to keep a small gym list with me, so that I can always have a good, fulfilling workout. This list includes taking a water bottle, sweat towel, fanny pack, and earphones with me.

Lastly, as you’re going through the motions of your 25 days, start building a set workout routine. Create it so that you can build on it. I personally like everyday routines, instead of weekly/weekend routines.

Please be careful when exercising! Do not experiment with machines and weights that you are unfamiliar with, without asking for assistance. Also, try not to overwork your body, as that is dangerous as well.

My daily workout as of September:

  • Treadmill/bike
  • Arm curls
  • Arm extension
  • Lateral pulldowns
  • Row
  • Leg press
  • Calf raises
  • Upper thigh raises
  • Inner and outer thigh extension

I don’t mind if you guys try out my routine, just tell me if it works out. I’m always up for supporting y’all, because y’all do so much to support me. I hope that you guys get to the goal(s) that you want to reach. Thanks for reading, I’ll talk to y’all soon!

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