Self-Care + An Announcement

Happy Tuesday!

Today I’m talking about self-care during hard times.

We talk so much about controlling emotions, and finding ways to cope with them. However, nobody seems to really talk anbout self care for when you’re experiencing these harsh emotions, and have no secure way of dealing with them at the moment.

I used to have panic attacks every day, and super bad mood swings EVERY day. Recently (within the last month or two), I have been finding that self-care routines help me to control these things. How? Daily self-care helps you build positive habits along with relaxing your mind. This is also a portion of time that you allow to just yourself. No spouse/partner, no friends, no family, nobody.

I usually allot myself 45 minutes for my self-care time. In that time, I (this is where it gets personal):

  • Shower (with a nice shave, and plenty of time to stand in the hot water lol)
  • Deodorize, and moisturize with a gentle oil, and any lotions
  • Tend to my eyebrows if needed
  • Moisturize and secure my hair for the night or day
  • Listen to a chill playlist
  • And of course take care of my dental health

I encourage you guys to pick up a self-care routine, if you don’t already have one. It is super nice to have a chance to take care of yourself after a long day, or in a stressful moment.

Sorry that this post is so quick, after weeks of y’all waiting for new content. Check this out: I’m in the process of making a video review of a new line of hair products. This review will be dropped soon, so just give me a little more time. I love you guys, thanks for reading.

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