Yes, I Am Okay!

First, a moment of silence for the late Aretha Franklin.

Hey friends!

It’s great to be posting ! I’m sorry that I was gone, once again, for so long. A lot of things began happening all at one time and I had to step back from WordPress while I got settled.

So what’s been up?

Last week, and the week before last, I had some nasty writer’s block that I couldn’t push through. It literally seemed like there was nothing to post about. No trends worth following. So I decided to wait it out instead of literally writing about topics that I didn’t care about.

Fall semester has started at my university, so I’m back to the books. So far, my classes have been awesome. I’m really starting to get into the meat of Early Childhood Education, so I have been spending my free time, since Monday, studying and getting ahead in my work. It’s shaping up to be a great, but difficult semester.

Also, Honey has started teething. So Cai and I have been paying extra-special attention to her to avoid destruction around our home. She’s been doing super! We’ve also been training her, which has been going well.

Other than that, I’ve just been working and taking care of myself.

Now stop worrying! I’m okay! 🙂

I will be posting this weekend, so I hope y’all are ready.

For now, I’m logging off. School and work was tiring and I am in need of a nice meal and some rest. Love you guys, always! Have a great evening.

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