Tracking My Weight Loss Journey: 25 Down

*note: this is a vlog. Regular blogs return next week.

*note: I do not own rights to the background music.

When I first started this journey, I was obese. I had been letting stress and college life fatten me up, and I stopped caring about myself for a few months. In November 2017, I realized that I had to make a change before my health started to get bad. It was already becoming more difficult to perform daily activities, such as climbing stairs and standing for a period of time.

I tried for years to lose weight, but diets did not work for me. I felt so restricted. After I stopped using that limiting word, “diet,” and I started making different lifestyle choices, things became easier.

Let me go a little more in-depth with introducing this concept.

Eating patterns control a large portion of weight gain/loss. Be sure to feed your body the right things for great loss results.

Physical activity can be incorporated into everyday activities. Being on your feet, in general, is great for easy cardio. Extra exercise during the day (like going to the gym) is also beneficial.

How you live your life matters!

The first 25 days of this journey are pretty difficult to get through.

Lastly, let me talk about my overall experience.

Before and After pictures: 190.0 – 165.0

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