You Know You Work In Childcare When…

1. A children’s song get stuck in your head, and you combat it with another children’s song.

2. You can easily name 5 songs that children lose their minds over.

3. The floor is comfortable.

4. You know what children are trying to say when they make sounds and point at items that seem completely regular.

5. You always carry around salt & pepper packets, and a small bottle of hot sauce.

6. Whenever you walk past the toy aisle in the store, you always see something that makes you say “my kids would like that.”

7. You have to speed home to avoid seeing any of your kids or their parents in public.

8. Bubbles aren’t so bad.

9. You tune out crying children that are annoying to other people.

10. Every Saturday morning feels like a Wednesday, when you first wake up.

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