Who’s Really On Top?

America’s Next Top Model is one of my favorite TV shows ever. Each season brings new faces, juicer drama, and more fun. I have seen every cycle up until 22, and want to share my 10 favorite models (overall, not just winners).

This is a quick post for today. I had a tooth extraction this morning, and I am in the process of recovering. My mouth is pretty sore, and I’m fatigued from medication, so bear with me. I don’t feel like doing much of anything.

1. Nyle Dimarco/Cycle 22: How could you not love this sexy, and very high-fashion man? I was determined for Nyle to win cycle 22 from the moment I saw him. Throughout his cycle, Nyle proved that his disability would not stop him from achieving his dream.

2. Jaslene Gonzalez/Cycle 8: Jaslene is the first beautiful, spicy latina to win ANTM. Jaslene had her struggles throughout her cycle, but in the end, it was clear that she had a gift for modeling.

3. Lacey Rogers/Cycle 22: Lacy came in 3rd place during her cycle, but I kept a fancy for her. Not only is she gorgeous with a rockin’ personality, she is also amazing at what she does. Modeling, blogging, whatever it may be…Lacy has my vote for sure!

4. Sophie Sumner/Cycle 18: “They all know me. I’m Sophie, I’m the one they talk about mostly,” the most memorable verse in the British model’s single We’ll Mash You Up. Sophie was always my favorite of Cycle 18 because of her super personality, and amazing skill at modeling.

5. Yaya DaCosta/Cycle 3: By far, my favorite classic ANTM runner-up. Yaya brings a cultural flavor to the table, and that was her best aspect during her season. She also had a kind heart, and you could tell she had passion for modeling.

6. Eva Marcille/Cycle 3: Ooh, EVA THE DIVA. Y’all know she has to be one of my favorite classic winners. Eva is a sexy, saucy woman who goes after what she wants. During her cycle, Eva showed judges and her fans that she is THE queen bee of cycle 3.

7. Danielle Evans/Cycle 6: Danielle is one of my favorites because she is so strong as an overall individual. She’s overcome speech therapy. When she got super sick during her cycle, she did not let it stop her from completing her shoot and winning ANTM. Not to mention, this woman is beautiful, though I wish Tyra would have left her gap. It made her special!

8. Hadassah Richardson/Cycle 22: I always get strange looks when I tell my ANTM friends that I love Hadassah. She is not super high-fashion but she does have talent with commercial modeling. She’s also one of the girls that was disliked the most on ANTM, mostly because of her attitude towards others.

9. Brittani Kline/Cycle 16: I became obsessed with how hot Brittani is after her shot during the brunette’s vs. blondes challenge. That picture still gives me heart eyes to this day.

10. Shei Phan/Cycle 21: Lastly, I love Shei. She took great pictures, and her makeover was one-of-a-kind. Shei had one of the best runway walks on the cycle as well. She is fierce, and very high-fashion, even after leaving ANTM.

I will make another post, outlining the models that I could not stand during their respective cycles. That should be flying your way next week. As for this weekend, I will continue putting out posts as long as I feel okay. Thank you guys for reading, see you soon!

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