What am I really doing?

I’ve made many promises about JbJ. I’ve threatened to delete the WordPress site, and I’ve made a new blogsite entirely. Now I’m saying that I’m going to keep WordPress again. It sounds like I’m just bouncing back and forth between ideas, and that’s not fair to y’all.

So what is going on for real?

Well, here it is, finalized and as honest as possible:

I’m keeping WordPress open, and deleting Blogger. I found a subscribe tool on WordPress, and it makes interacting with me easier for other people, without accounts.

The community on WordPress is amazing as well, and it would be a shame to leave them. And with everything that I have coming up in the future, I want as much support and love as possible.

And that’s it. Sorry for being so wishy-washy guys, I move quicker than I research. I appreciate those of you who have been with me all this time, I wouldn’t trade y’all for the world. Thanks for reading.

Be sure to subscribe to my WordPress blog! You can sign up, via email, at the bottom of the website! I hope to see more of you all now. Thank you for reading!