Homemade Cleaners vs. Commercial Products

Hey guys! Happy July!
Today, we’re discussing what cleaners are best for the common rooms in your house. I am going to break this down section-by-section. This is all based on my personal experience with cleaning my apartment, my parent’s home, as well as the child care center that I teach at.

  • Let’s start with the bathroom, just because it is the room where you use cleaning products the MOST. So, I don’t know about you guys, but I clean my bathroom once a week. That being said, I go through cleaner like I go through underwear. I don’t enjoy paying lots of money for products that only half work. So I don’t. Instead, I use a cheap commercial product (Ajax powder), and homemade soapy water and sanitizer (instructions on how to make below!) You can clean everything in your bathroom with these three products, except for your walls. Just apply the powder to a surface, spray soapy water to liquify the powder, let it soak for 2 minutes, then wipe off with a cleaning rag (recommended) or paper towels. After wiping all of it off of the surface, spray sanitizer onto it, and leave for either 2 minutes or until it self-dries.

  • The kitchen/dining room gets dirty every day, so I have to clean it EVERY day. There is no way that I am spending money on products that I’m going to have to invest in often. Instead, I use soapy water and sanitizer on everything. It is a cheap, and effective way of getting all of your appliances and surfaces 100% clean. I stopped buying kitchen cleaners a year ago, when prices began raising.

  • I like to keep my living room dust free due to allergies that both me and my boyfriend have. I only use two products: Behold Furniture Cleaner, and Electronic Wipes for any electronics I have in the room at that time.

  • Lastly, to keep the patio clean, I use soapy water to wipe down the railings, and table. (Especially when they have pollen on them).
How to make:
(What you need: 2 spray bottles, cold water, dish-washing liquid, bleach)
  • Soapy Water – Pour your dish-washing liquid into the bottle (cover the bottom of the bottle), then fill with water.
  • Sanitizer – Literally, A TAP of bleach in a the bottle. You think I’m kidding, but too much bleach will cause the solution to become too strong. Fill the bottle with water and shake.
Before I end this post, I just want to say thank you for being so patient with me right now. I am still in the middle of moving from WordPress to Blogger, and things have not been easy.

Just to let you guys know, I have decided to keep my WordPress blog for the people who love journalsbyjhu.com. You will not be missing anything vital, I will be posting the same content on both blogsites.
I’ll be putting out another post at the same time as this one. It is the “This Week” list, naming all of blogs planned for this week. Thank you guys for reading. See you soon!

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