My First Credit Purchase

Heeeeey friends,

Three weeks before moving into our new apartment, Cai and I made our first huge adult purchase and bought a sofa and a loveseat for our living room. As said in the title of this blog, these items were bought on credit. At 20 years old, with so much life ahead of me, I feel like I should do myself a favor and establish a great credit score for future purchases.

We bought the couches from Ashley Homestore, and set up a credit card from Fortiva (through Ashley). Our subtotal to pay back to Fortiva is $707, WITHOUT interest for 12 months. Of course, Cai and I will be working to pay that back within 6 months of purchase.

Yesterday, the couches arrived at pretty much 8:45am. We got to tell the movers how we wanted the couches set-up. Guys, this had to be the quickest and most-efficient delivery ever, no more than 15 minutes! I was super satisfied with how everything looked, and now Cai and my living room looks A M A Z I N G! Check out the pictures!

So, I’m super nervous to have furniture that is OURS. I have always been afraid of responsibility, which my mother says is “normal” for inexperienced young adults. But, I know that Cai and I can do it, because we have help and guidance.

I just wanted to share an update on our apartment life, so I hope you guys enjoyed it. Thank you for reading, and have a great Sunday.

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