Happy Easter?

Today, I spent Easter with my enemies.

Or, at least I thought they were enemies. After today, I’m not so sure.

For 8 months, out of a 10 month lease, Cai and I have been dealing with neighbor drama. Our next door neighbors are two elders, maybe in their 50’s-60’s. They complain a lot about me and Cai being loud, and disturbing their peace. The special thing about this is that these guys are louder than us. Loud music, loud voices, etc. So, we had been feeling extremely confused and attacked, until today.

Today, I got fed up with their excessive noise. I was sitting in my chair, watching TV, and all I hear is their music blaring through the wall. Cai and I went to talk to them, together.

Guys, I kid you not.

These people spoke to us so kindly, like we’ve been close pals all these months. We asked them to turn down their music just a bit, and they complied (with only a little bit of attitude). Cai and I talked with them and ended up getting invited into their home for food and good spirits.

Now, we are not normally “go eat with people who piss us off” type people. Therefore, we told our neighbors that we may drop by. What really made our decision to go is that the main complainer hugged us, and told us that she loved us.

Y’all know that I can’t just NOT show up after that. Especially when it just about brought tears to my eyes. It felt like I could actually see these guys as humans.

So, we go. And we got to-go plates of food. Our neighbors told us we didn’t have to stay if we didn’t feel comfortable, but what the hell. We decided to chill for a little while, just to show off this newly established truce. We stayed with our neighbors for only an hour and a half, but we saw so many sides of them. It was great. Cai and I got to drink some, and we laughed a lot.

These neighbors really surprised me today. I feel like maybe I can get through April, without pulling out my hair. While the countdown to May is still all too real, I definitely feel more at ease living here. Thank you guys for reading, and I hope you had a great Easter.

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