A Full Day Of Shopping

Hi friends! Today, Cai and I played hooky from school and work so that we could take care of some much needed emotional de-stressing. We had a ton of fun, and are feeling relaxed at home now. We went to a couple of different places just within our area of living. This morning we went to get some things done to Cai’s car. While we were waiting for it to get done, we went to Denny’s and had a little breakfast date. After the vehicle-adulting, we decided to go to the mall and do a little shopping. We went to two stores; Plato’s Closet, and Forever 21. I spent some money today guys! Almost $120! But I got awesome stuff that I couldn’t resist getting, especially when Cai told me to get whatever I want. This cool pink hoodie, originally from Old Navy. It’s really comfortable, and warm. I wore it today after I got it, and I am in love with it. It was $14 at Plato’s. My new bookbag! Only $8 at Plato’s, it’s functional, and it’s cute. I’ve been needing a new bookbag for school since last August, so it’s great to finally have one. Check out this awesome Rugrats hoodie! This is one of a section of sweatshirts dedicated to the early 2000’s and back, such as Ren & Stimpy, the Coca-cola polar bears, Snow White, and Mickey/Minnie Mouse. This one in particular was $22 at Forever 21. I also have found a new love for going into the men’s section at Forever 21 and finding really cool shirts that fit my style. I don’t have a girly style, and am mostly a shirt and shoes kind of gal. With that being said, I found two long sleeve shirts that I really like. This NASA shirt! Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a space geek. I love space, and the idea of it. I also love the technology that grants us the ability to see into space. This shirt was $20. Lastly, my favorite. A Super Nintendo 64 themed long sleeve shirt. Guys, when I saw this shirt…I freaked out. I am so impressed with this design, I am almost afraid to wear and wash this shirt. Only $20 guys! That’s all for my shopping haul! Thank you guys for reading, I hope you enjoyed hearing about my shopping experience. Have a great night!

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