Where Am I?

Hi friends!

Sorry for the brief hiatus. I decided to take a small break while I deal with some trying times right now. I would love to say that everything is okay, but it’s not. Not in my head, at least. I decided to let you guys know, as briefly as possible, what has been going on. I know that I’ve been in and out of WordPress recently.

A few of you know that I struggle with depression and bipolar disorder. I have been aware of my living with them since my high school years. I am against taking medications for them, as they make me feel numb and extremely worse about myself. I have found other, natural, and safe means of helping suppress the symptoms.

Recently, with the weather changes and my overall outlook on life, my disorders have been flaring. I’ve been more on edge than usual, for a little over a week now. I’ve been more prone to panic attacks and thoughts of suicide, which is really scary. Overall, my mental and emotional health has not been where it needs to be. I didn’t write anymore reads because I’ve been focusing on feeling better, working, and getting a good start to my classes.

I hate to lay all of this on you guys right now, but I feel like you deserve to know. You all have been really supportive of me and I appreciate it so much. Cai has been taking really good care of me too. He’s been keeping me a little cheerful, and in healthy spirits. I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated on how I’m doing, and I’ll post before the week is up. Thanks for reading!

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