Let’s Stop Throwing Around The “R” Word

I’ve been a little nervous about posting this read, seeing as how the USA is about controversial subjects. After some thinking, I decided that this topic needs to be talked about.

Guys, we have to stop throwing racism into EVERY situation.

A few days ago, I saw that H&M was under fire for an alleged racist ad. That ad is the picture listed above. Y’all, I don’t see a problem here. It looks like a handsome boy wearing a cool sweatshirt.

But everyone else is taking it out of context. What apparently makes this “racist” is that it is a black boy wearing a sweatshirt with the word monkey on it. H&M is apparently trying to purposely call this boy an animal.


This is a child wearing a shirt. The “racism” in this ad is not going to stop other children (of any ethnicity) from buying it. Let it be as innocent as it is.

Ever since the accused racist Dove ad, it seems like everything has to be an attack on persons of color. It’s ridiculous.

H&M is a company originally started in the UK. They began expanding their business to the USA in 2000. The company thrives on diversity and inclusion, so it was extremely hard for me to believe that they purposely discriminated against people of color.

I can’t change anyone’s views about the ad, nor do I want to. But in my opinion, there is a lot of uneccessary drama circling around something innocent. I think that it shouldn’t be like how it is. Thanks for letting me rant a little bit, and I hope you guys have a fabulous afternoon!

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