Healthy Exercise All 2018!

So, we are already five days into 2018, how are your resolutions going (if you made any?) Holding myself to my resolutions is going really well, surprisingly. In the past, when I made a goal to lose weight and change my very unhealthy lifestyle, I failed within the first few days or week. This was simply because I lost motivation and HATED exercising.

I think that reaching my goals casually is the perfect way to do it. I’ve been on a casual diet for about three months (with NO exercise), and I’ve seen amazing results. I’ve lost almost 15 pounds just by watching what I eat.

But, what I’m here to write about today is how to exercise safely when you’re first starting out, or returning after a long hiatus.

This goes without saying — being new to, or not up-to-date on exercise can be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing. Always be cautious of the machines that you use in a gym, and the exercises you perform without equipment. Know your limits, and don’t try to push your body past its own.

There are a variety of things that can be done in the gym, just in case you don’t know what exercise you can tolerate more. The gym at my University has two floors. The first floor has a bit of everything. Weights, dumbbells, ab machines, treadmills, you name it. The second floor is more dedicated to machines that help with cardio. More treadmills, bikes, and climbing machines. They also have medicine balls, and yoga mats. There are other public gyms that have these same amenities and more, you’ll just need a membership.

I’ve heard great things about membership prices at Planet Fitness, so definitely check them our if you’re looking for a gym home.

Lastly, don’t exercise every day. That’s really bad for you, especially if you’re just starting out. Try giving yourself at least two days to relax. My workout schedule allows me up to three days off. Most times, I’m probably going to only take two though.
That is all for this read, I hope you guys enjoyed it or found it beneficial. Thank you for reading, and I hope ya’ll have a great day.

*note: I do not own rights to the images and gifs used in this read*

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