Easy & Delicious Homemade Cheeseburger Macaroni

Tonight, Cai was supposed to cook dinner after he got off of work at 6. However, he was asked to stay until about 9:30, leaving me to cook after I got home from work.

Now, I don’t get my check until Friday so I’ve been trying to control how much I spend. Trying to spend only a little bit of money when you don’t even know what you’re going to cook is HARD.

I went to Food Lion on my way home and picked up nine dollars worth of groceries. I grabbed ground turkey, Mac blended cheese, 2 boxes of Macaroni and cheese, and milk. When I paid for my groceries, I still had no idea what I was going to cook. It wasn’t until about 30 minutes after I got home that I finally decided to try and make homemade cheeseburger macaroni. In case any of y’all do not know what cheeseburger macaroni is, it is basically macaroni and cheese mixed with a ground meat of your choice ( ground beef, ground turkey, or ground chicken). Really easy, and really simple.

So I started by boiling my macaroni shells. I used the two boxes of macaroni and cheese that I bought, but I also found more macaroni shells laying around in my cabinet. I was able to make a big helping of this meal. When the shells were about halfway done boiling, that’s when I started to cook my ground turkey.

I usually use the same seasonings for all of my ground meat. I have listed my seasonings and where I bought them:

  • Garlic powder – Aldi
  • Onion powder – Food Lion
  • Garlic salt – Aldi
  • Cinnamon – Aldi
  • A little bit of salt – Family Dollar
  • And pepper – Aldi

    Please note that I do not measure my seasonings at all, so I can’t give you an accurate amount to put in.

    After I got my ground turkey about 75% done, I checked on my macaroni shells and made sure that they were tender enough to eat. After draining them, I placed the pot back on the stove and mixed in; a spoonful of butter, half a cup of milk, the cheese powder from the box macaroni and cheese, and half a bag of Mac blend cheese.

    Of course I let the cheese melt for ultimate goodness.

    When the cheese melted, I threw in my cooked ground turkey and mixed it all together. My result is a delicious helping of cheeseburger macaroni. It is really creamy from the milk, and gooey from all the cheese. And there’s LOADS of it. It should last Cai and I a few days.

    Try these cool toppings and add-ons for your cheeseburger macaroni!

    – Green peppers

    – Extra cheese

    – Hot Sauce

    – Ketchup

    That’s all for my post today. I hope that you guys find this helpful or enjoyable to make, let me know if you did! Have a great evening, and thank you for reading!

    Note: I own no rights to the header image, nor to the beginning gif. All other photos are under my rights.

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