Dealing With The Loss of a Bad Friend

  • Note: This is a personal story.

Hi again, friends. Tonight, I’m going to talk about something that’s a little heavy on my heart and mind. This is also something that I’m going to be putting in a YouTube video, come January.

So, right now I’m living in an apartment with my fiancè. We moved into this apartment earlier in July, because in April we found out that we would not be able to receive on-campus housing at our college. From July and late October, my fiancè and I had a roommate, our “best friend.” Let’s just continue calling her roommate, to protect her privacy.

Now, roommate had been my fiancè and I’s best friend for two years, so we didn’t think living together would be a problem. We knew each other like the back of our hands, and we had a special bond that we thought no one could break. Everything was cool at first, guys. But there were a few bad lifestyle choices that were never moderated, no matter how much we talked about them.

This girl wanted love, but found it in the wrong way. At first, she was bringing in random guys to sleep with, then she started dating a man that had no respect for her, us, or our boundaries. When we tried to talk to her about the situation, nothing changed except her attitude. When she finally moved out, she swore it was because my fiancè and I were having relationship problems and because she was going to another State for school. Unfortunately, these were not her true reasons. She had intentions on leaving from the start, which hurts to say. The proof of that statement was in her room.

Roommate leaving was not where the problem stopped though. It was after she left, when she and her mother refused to pay her half of the bills for October, that it got annoyingly worse. Not only that, but she decided to act innocent only to blame everything on my fiancè and I and block us on all forms of media. Since then, we haven’t heard anything from her.

But now, almost two months later, everything around the apartment has gotten easier and better. There is hardly any stress, all of the bills are paid, and it actually feels like a home. My fiancè and I have only grown closer and stronger. So, in the end, we kind of get the last laugh. She left, thinking that it was going to put Cai and I at an even worse disadvantage, when it fact we gained more after she was gone.

So what was the point of this read? I don’t want sympathy, and I don’t want y’all to feel any way towards rommate or me and Cai.

I really wanted to discuss this in case any of you were, or are, in a similar situation. Losing friends is an extremely heartbreaking reality of life. Understand that if your friends think that they are entitled to treat you any type of way and get away with it, they are not your friends. Losing them may hurt, but it will get better. Coping strategies always help. Here are a few strategies that you can try if you need to:

– Cleaning

– Finding a new hobby

– Cooking

– Driving

– Exercising

Staying serious for one more second of your lives tonight haha…I’m always here if anyone needs an ear or two. I know that’s very cliche for me say, but I mean it. Thank you all very much for reading, I hope you found this helpful or enjoyable. Have a great night!

*I do not own rights to the images and gifs used in this read*


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