Doing Your Eyebrows With Nair?! 

Before I start writing this post, let me just say that when I first saw that this is a thing…I became concerned. This sounded very dangerous and damaging to the skin, and I was worried that it would cause a lot of stress and discomfort. Nair, in my opinion, seemed like it was only supposed to be used on legs, arms, and other limbs like that. But after thinking, and watching tutorials, I think it should be okay.

Nair is a hair remover, and a pretty darn strong one at that. You can spray it or apply it by hand to a hairy area, leave it on for a few minutes, wipe it off, and VIOLA! You have a beautiful, hairless limb that looks professionally done. Simple, right?

So, here we are, 15 days away from the new year! Ladies, and some gentlemen, are always trying to find new ways to outsmart society. This is one of those successful ways.

This is supposedly a quick, and easy alternative to going to get your brows professionally done. You just grab some Nair, and apply it carefully in the style that you want (arched, straight, etc), wait a bit, and wipe it off. You’re doing the same thing that you normally would on your legs, or arms. Just be careful that you don’t apply it anywhere that you wouldn’t want hair missing from.

Also, a tip from some YouTubers who have tried this hack out: use Vaseline around your eyebrows before applying any Nair. It helps to prevent pain and dryness when removing it.

Now, as usual, with positive ideas come negative side effects (if they apply). Be aware of the ingredients in Nair, as some of them can cause allergic reactions. Please do not use this “eyebrow hack” if you are allergic to anything in the product.

Using Nair when allergic to it has been known to cause:

– Dry Skin

– Blisters

– Rash

– Skin Peeling

I hope that you guys find this read helpful. If any of you try, or have tried this hack, let me know how it goes. Thank you for reading, and have a fannnnnntastic evening!


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