Secret Santa 2017! 

Hi friends! Tonight I’m going to be talking about a very fun activity that I had the pleasure of partaking in this week.

So, you guys should know that I work in an educational child care facility and this week (12/11/17-12/15/17), we celebrated Christmas by holding a Secret Santa event for staff members that wanted to partake in it. I’ve never been apart of Secret Santa, in all my twenty years of life, so I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was to finally have the opportunity.

So the rule of the game was to give and receive a gift each day, Monday through Friday. On Friday, you reveal yourself to the person you gave gifts to. My Secret Santa ended up being one of my close work friends. Guys, that girl went out of her way to get the CUTEST gifts for me. I am extremely grateful to have someone like her at my job.

This week I received from her:

Monday – Snickers bar, and a pair of fuzzy socks

Tuesday – Coca-cola and a pair of warm gloves

Wednesday – Body wash and lotion set

Thursday – Earmuffs and Revlon Nail Polish

Friday – Forever 21 gift card

All amazing gifts that I loved! And what I gave to another coworker was:

Monday – A pair of fuzzy gloves

Tuesday – 2 bags of twix minis

Wednesday – A bag of goldfish

Thursday – A catnip toy for her kitten

Friday – A pair of fuzzy slippers

This was definitely a fun activity for the week, and it brought the Christmas spirit out of everyone…especially the kids. Our little ones loved seeing their teachers happy, and overwhelmed with gratefulness. It inspired them to be kind as well.

My first Secret Santa experience was fun, and I cannot wait to do it again next year! This is turning out to be one amazing season, so stay tuned for more reads! There’s only 10 more days until christmas (or 9 depending on where you are), what do you have planned? Have a great night, friends, and thanks for reading!

note: I do not own rights to any of the images used in this post


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