My Review of Cookout’s Cheesecake 

About 3 hours ago (at about 7:15), I was sitting with my fiancè, Cai; and a friend, talking about life. Somehow, we got on the discussion of food and ended up in the car, on the way to Cookout. While we were on the way there, my friend mentioned that he was going to grab a cheesecake with his meal. Here’s how that conversation went:

Friend: I think I’m going to get a cheesecake while we’re at Cookout.

Me: While we’re there? You mean you want to go to Food Lion?

Friend: …No…from Cookout, hahaha.

Me: What do you mean? Wait…they sell cheesecake?!

Friend and Cai: Yes. You didn’t know that?

Guys, I legit freaked out. Tonight was the first time that I’ve ever heard of this! I’ve been eating at Cookout since I was 11, friends!

Anyways, the cheesecake was only a dollar and some change so Cai got it for me with my meal. I made sure not to eat any of it until I got home, so that I could take pictures of it for this read.

Within the first three bites of it, I was sold. For this to be fast-food, and a cheap dessert, it was really good. It was chilled, and extremely light on the tongue. It didn’t taste cheap either. Overall, it was satisfying…to say the least.

What I like about Cookout’s cheesecake is that you can manipulate it. For example, you can put it into one of over 40 milkshakes. You could also put a variety of toppings on top of a solid slice. This gives me so many dessert options for the future.

Not much more to say about it. It was really just an impulse buy. One of those “I have to try it” moments. I have no regrets, haha. I’d definitely recommend this treat though, especially if you’re craving cheesecake but don’t want to spend a lot of money on one. It’s worth the dollar.

That’s all for this read. Sorry it’s so short, but I’m extremely tired tonight and need to rest up. Tomorrow, I will have a nice, long read for you! Until then, have a great night. Thanks for reading!

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