Post-Sickness House Cleaning

Hi friends!

Today, my fiancè and I spent our afternoon cleaning and sterilizing our apartment. Call this our post-sickness protection plan lol. We literally JUST finished and have finally sat down to rest our feet. I thought about you guys, and figured some of you might enjoy reading about how we went about cleaning a sickly home.

The Story:

When Cai (my fiancè) and I decided to get our home together, everything was a mess. When I was sick, he was busy taking care of me and didn’t have the time nor energy to do a lot of cleaning. I was too sick to even think about cleaning. Now that sounds bad, I know, but it was our first time dealing with a sickness that bad. Now that we’ve had the experience, we should be able to work some things out next time one of us gets sick.

Anyways, getting started with cleaning was the hardest part. We went about it by finding our cleaning products, first, and assessing each room, second. We assessed the rooms to determine where to clean first, and what rooms to clean last. We ended up splitting up and going in order from least to most messy.

Here’s the order that we cleaned.

Jhu: Living room – Master Bathroom – Master Bedroom

Cai: Kitchen – Dining Room – Loft

Also, here are the cleaning products that we used.

We used commercial items, but the bulk of our cleaning was done with homemade products.

Soapy water: It is exactly what it is called. All I use in it is dish soap (I used Gain) and cold water. How I recommend making it: put enough soap into an empty spray bottle to cover the bottom of it, then just run your water until the bottle is full. Simple, right? You can use as much or as little soap as you want, but be mindful that the results will be different. Be sure to make a new bottle of soapy water every day that you’re using it, to prevent buildup and bacteria from growing.

Sanitizer/Disinfectant: The sanitizer that we use daily is a life saver. It prevents you from having to clean multiple times a week. It’s made with bleach and cold water. It’s the same process as making soapy water, except you’re using 1/4 cup of bleach instead of just covering the bottom of the bottle. You definitely have to make a new bottle of sanitizer daily. It is not effective when it’s been sitting out for more than 24 hours. It will smell, and begin to bleach everything it touches. And speaking of touching, keep in mind that this sanitizer is not for clothes. It will bleach your clothes. Keep it for soft fabrics, such as couches.

The other products are generic items that you can find in bulk stores, or supermarkets.

Finally, to make cleaning super quick and easy, hubby and I followed these four steps:

1. Pick up trash from every room in the house

2. Pick up dirty clothes from every room in the house.

3. Pick up dirty dishes from every room in the house.

4. Begin washing clothes.

Doing everything that you’ve read in this article, we got done cleaning in only three hours. Now we’re sitting in a lovely, tidy space. I recommend this experience and the products used for anyone looking to clean their home after having dealt with sickness. If you all would like a more detailed explanation of how to clean a post-sick home, let me know! Thank you for reading, and have a great night!

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