Shopping Online at Bath and Body Works

I decided to participate in Black Friday, in a way where I wouldn’t have to interact with aggressive shoppers or the hectic atmosphere. Shopping online is a great way to get merchandise that you want, at a fairly decent price. It’s also easier to do when avoiding large groups of people.

So, Black Friday. I chose to shop only at Bath & Body Works, because both I and my fiancè needed products from there. When I signed into my online account, I saw that they were holding my FAVORITE sale; “buy three, get three free.” I participate in this sale almost everytime they hold it. What makes the sale “worth the money,” is that you can leave the site or store with $50-$200 worth of items for half of that price. Here’s everything I bought:

  1. Winter Candy Apple Shower Gel
  2. Winter Candy Apple Fragrance
  3. Noir Shower Gel/Shampoo
  4. Noir Body Mist
  5. Aromatherapy Comfort Body Lotion
  6. Mentha Lip Shine

An $80 value, for only $40!

The products arrived within four business days, that’s the best part! Yesterday, when I got home from running some errands, the box was sitting on my doorstep. Oh, the excitement that ran through my veins! I opened the box to a well-organized, and safely packaged bundle of joy. None of the products were distorted, broken, or tampered with.

Overall, it was a good choice to shop online at Bath & Body Works. All of my products were stocked, I got the same sale I would in-store, and I got my stuff super quick! I highly recommend this experience to you guys, unless you’re the type of shopper who doesn’t know what they want exactly. If you need to test the scents, in person, then definitely shop in-store. I hope you guys enjoyed this small review, thanks for reading!

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